Loyalty Rewards Membership

The Wholefoods House Loyalty Rewards Program is simple. No gimmicks, just a purchase discount based on your spending with us.

By choosing to shop at Wholefoods House you are helping us to support foods grown and produced using traditional and sustainable methods thus supporting organic farming practices to give us a happier and healthier environment.

To join, just fill in the form and your Wholefoods House Loyalty Rewards Card will be posted out to you – it’s that easy.

  • Please note that Wholefoods House is located in Australia and does not trade online.

  • Terms and Conditions
    1. Membership is at the discretion of Wholefoods House.
    2. Program benefits are at the discretion of Wholefoods House.
    3. Wholefoods House may alter or cancel benefits at any time, but shall not withdraw any benefits that have already accrued at the time of alteration.
    4. Membership Card remains the property of Wholefoods House.
    5. By submitting this Application I accept the terms and conditions of Membership.
    6. Australian Government Pensioners are entitled to a 10% discount on ALL purchases in lieu of Loyalty Rewards Membership. Your Pensioner's Concession Card MUST be shown at each transaction to receive the discount.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Membership Information:

1. Wholefoods House Loyalty Rewards Program works on the WFH basket size, which is the amount we are encouraging our customers to spend with us. It can change and the amount is always available at our stores. Just ask one of our friendly staff.
2. For example, if the basket size is $48, you accumulate 10 points. If you spend double that, you accumulate 20 points, and so on. There is no limit to how many points you can accumulate in one shop.
3. After you have accumulated 100 points, you qualify for the 20% discount on your next shop.
4. Points can keep being accumulated, however only 100 points can be redeemed at a time equaling the 20% discount.
5. You do not accumulate points on your 20% discount shop.
6. You need to present your Loyalty Rewards Card each time you shop to claim or redeem points.
7. Loyalty Rewards Cards are not transferrable.
8. The Loyalty Rewards Program runs at both the Queen and Danks Street stores. Your account is now valid at both locations and points are interchangeable between the stores.
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