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Salad, Sprout & Cheddar Sandwiches

vegetarian This sandwich is an old-school favourite - but really, who could resist salad, alfalfa sprouts and cheddar on really good sourdough?! Simple, delicious and swiftly assembled it's comfort food with nutritional … [Read More...]

Apricot Sesame Muesli Biscuits

vegan, refined sugar free These dense and satisfying muesli biscuits are full of whole grains, good fats and natural sweeteners: perfect for school lunch boxes, bush walks or to go with a cup of tea! Ingredients (makes 18) 2 cups … [Read More...]

Our farmers: Mahbrook Organics, Albion Park

Set among lush, green pastures with the Illawarra escarpment rising behind, Mahbrook Organics farm 22 acres of picturesque land at Albion Park, 90 minutes south of Sydney. Brothers Chris and Adam Bridger run the business along with their families, … [Read More...]

Fruit, Oat & Nut Loaf

vegetarian This loaf bread uses Khorasan (or Kamut) flour, an ancient strain of wheat that's rumoured to have been retrieved from a Pharaoh's tomb in Egypt by an American airman in 1949 and sent home to his family in Montana. Whatever its … [Read More...]

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